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How To Hang A Kayak In A Garage

Kayaks need to be stored properly in order to protect them from damage. This very basic fact is one that many people forget about when they buy a kayak. 

Before buying your kayak, you should always consider how you will store it. In cold climates, you may want to consider keeping your kayak inside a garage. 

Garages are great places to store kayaks because they are protected from rain and snow, reducing the chances that your kayak will be damaged by exposure to poor weather conditions.

However, there are many ways to hang a kayak up in a garage. This article gives you a few great ways to store a kayak in the garage so you can find the best one for you.

Wall Mounted Hangers

Wall mounts are a great tool to store your kayaks in your garage.

They save you valuable space by hanging your kayak from a wall, which is a great option when you don’t have a suitable ceiling to hang your kayak. This will prevent you from having to worry about the kayak crashing down on your garage floor or onto your vehicle if you hand your kayak above it.

You can buy a kayak wall mount online or at your local hardware store. They are very easy to purchase, but you will probably have to install them yourself. You will need a lot of mounting hardware like screws, nuts, D-rings and bolts. 

You will also need to find a stud – a piece of lumber that is part of the framing of your garage wall. They run vertically inside a wall so find one in the area you want to hang your kayak from. This is where you will install your hanger.

Your wall-mounted hanger will come with instructions on how to install it, but here is some advice when it comes to installation: 

  • Remember to leave space for your garage door to open – otherwise you will only trap yourself inside or fail to fit anything else in. 
  • Make sure you are able to lift the kayak up onto the wall mount. Kayaks are heavy and usually require two people to lift. It is possible to lift it yourself, but do not install your wall mount too high or you will struggle to store your kayak.
  • Use a padded kayak hanger, so your kayak will not be scratched or damaged when it is being stored. 

Ceiling Suspension

When most people decide to store their kayaks in the garage, their first go-to place is to store the kayak by hanging it from the ceiling. Hanging them from the ceiling is an option that saves you a lot of space and money.

You can purchase inexpensive kits that include everything you need online or in retail stores.  These kits involve mounting suspension systems that use pulleys.

These pulleys make it very easy for you to lift and lower your kayak with little effort so they are ideal for those who don’t want to struggle to lift a kayak up and down every time you want to go paddling. 

Instructions will be included in the kit and they should be followed very closely as each kit is different and uses different components. This is why there is one instruction manual for all pulley suspension kits – follow the one provided to you. 

Suspension systems must be installed correctly or else the kayaks will crash down so make sure you follow the instructions carefully. You will also need to find a stud in the ceiling to support the weight of the kayak. 

Non-Pulley Mounted Systems

Non-Pulley Mounted Systems

It is also possible to mount your kayaks on the ceiling without a pulley operated system. These mounts include fixed racks that hang from the ceiling and require you to lift your kayak up into place. 

This can be tricky but if you feel confident with lifting your kayak, then this is a far easier system to install. You still get to save the same amount of space but you don’t have to fuss with pulleys and cords. 

The only downside is lifting your kayak into place can be very difficult, especially if you attempt to do it alone. 

Therefore, this method of storage is best suited for those who are confident with lifting their kayak alone and have no trouble when it comes to carrying their kayak around. 

Like with wall-mounted racks, there are padded versions available that will lower your chances of damaging your kayak so if you are hoping to store your kayak using a ceiling-mounted system, make sure that you also install padded racks.

Vertical Storage

Sometimes, people store their kayaks vertically instead of horizontally because this might save them more space. Of course, this method really only works for those with recreational kayaks as sea kayaks or long touring kayaks are usually too long to be vertically installed – unless your garage is huge, that is. 

To hang your kayak up vertically, all you will need is a few straps that are anchored to a hard way. 

Use D-rings and cam straps, or a bungee cord or rope. Make sure that the kayak is supported with one strap around a third of the way from the top and bottom – this is to securely hold the kayak in place.

Make sure that the hardware is anchored to the studs in the wall and this will stop the kayak from tipping over. 

This method is probably the easiest to install but it does not work for everyone. If your garage is not tall enough, then you cannot store your kayak vertically. 


And that is how you can hang your kayak in your garage!

As you can see, there is more than just one way to hang up a kayak. You can hang them using a pulley system, mounts or racks, and even hang them up vertically as well as horizontally! 

This means you can fit your kayak into your garage at any angle – just be sure you have enough room to begin with!

Hi! My name is Adele Stevens, and I have a big passion for water sports. I love nothing more than traveling to my favorite kayaking spots on my days off and spending hours out on the water.

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