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What To Wear Kayaking In Hot Weather

Summer is perhaps the ideal season for kayaking. The water temperature is warm, and you can paddle in a bathing suit without feeling self-conscious. However, if your goal is to enjoy paddling in this hot weather, it’s important to dress appropriately.

To ensure you have dressed correctly, follow our helpful tips below. 

What To Wear Kayaking In Hot Weather


The best way to stay cool on a hot day is by wearing a wetsuit. Wearing a wetsuit will certainly keep you cooler than not wearing one. 

These products are also great for cold weather since their insulation will keep your body temperature in the suit. If you enjoy kayaking and other watersports, you should definitely invest in a high-quality wetsuit. The wetsuit will not need to be particularly thick when the weather is blazing. 

Additionally, wearing a wetsuit will allow you to feel more comfortable when paddling in warmer waters. If you are planning on paddling in the ocean or other colder waters, then you should consider purchasing a drysuit as well.


A drysuit is similar to a wetsuit but has an inner layer of neoprene that keeps you from getting too cold. Though this is a less important consideration in the summer, you may still interact with some chilly waters. In these cases, a drysuit would be preferable. 

Drysuits are waterproof. As a consequence, you will be kept dry if you wear one when kayaking. 


If you want to keep your feet covered but do not want them to overheat, you should think about wearing sandals on your feet. They are more breathable than standard shoes, allowing fresh air to reach your feet. Plus, they are quite a comfortable choice. 

It is not advised that you wear standard shoes or trainers, as your feet are likely to get wet when kayaking. If you are concerned about your sandals become wet, you can buy a waterproof pair. 

Water Shoes

If you do not want to wear sandals, you may want to purchase a pair of water shoes. They are better suited to kayaking than sandals. However, they are specialist products, meaning that you will likely only use them for water sports. 

Essentially, water shoes are a variety of footwear that offers a sturdy grip even on wet and slippery surfaces. Another great feature of water shoes is that they can keep your feet warm even in chilly waters. They will also safeguard your feet when you are walking on rocky or uneven ground. 


As their name suggests, sunglasses are worn when the sun is in the sky. To protect your eyes from sunlight and UV rays, consider using sunglasses. 

An additional benefit of sunglasses is that they look super stylish. You are sure to find a style that suits you, as they come in a range of colors and aesthetics. 

The only downside of donning sunglasses when kayaking is that they may fall off your head. To stop this from occurring, you can acquire sunglasses with a strap. This strap will keep them secured to your head. 

If you desire a perfect pair of sunglasses with a strap, you should consider this Pilotfish product. 

Hat Or Cap

To protect your skin and provide some shade, you should consider donning a hat or cap. The good thing is that they come in a variety of styles. 

Wide-brimmed hats will be particularly effective though they may not be your style. Not only will they defend you from the sun, but these hats will help you to see better in sunny conditions. 

A baseball cap is also a popular choice. By wearing it backward, you can grant your neck some additional protection from the sun. The main disadvantage of caps is that they will become drenched unless they are waterproof. 


If you plan on kayaking in harsh conditions, we suggest wearing a hamlet. These items are important safety resources, as they protect your head from harsh impacts. 

A helmet will be particularly necessary when you are white water kayaking. They can be found online or in shops that specialize in kayaking goods.  



In the summer, it is more vital than ever to wear sunscreen. After all, the sun is likely to be out in full force. 

The sun can cause serious damage to your skin. It causes tanning and wrinkles, which can make you look older. While a tan will make you look bronzed, it can also harm your skin. 

To avoid this problem, apply sunscreen every two hours while you are out on the water. Apply it liberally to any part of your skin that is not covered, including the back of your neck. 

The higher the SPF, the better. Standing for the ‘Sun Protection Factor’, SPF is a way of measuring the extent to which your skin is defended from UV (ultraviolet) rays. Ideally, you should use at least SPF 30, though a higher rating will be especially recommended in the spring and summer. 

It is seriously important to wear sunscreen. You risk some serious health issues by not wearing it. 

Sunscreen can be easily obtained in drug stores, chemists, and online. You may even be able to see it in some supermarkets, particularly when the weather is warm. 


When you are kayaking, you will inevitably end up getting in the water. Lifejackets are useful, as they are designed to float. This is why they are a sensational safety device, as they stop you from drowning.

Though they may make you feel rather warm, it is nonetheless advised that you wear a lifejacket when kayaking. Their safety benefits outweigh the fact that they may make you feel warm. 

If you are searching for a lifejacket, you may want to try this Stearns product. They can be obtained online or in specialist water sports shops. 

What Else Will I Need?

Aside from the above items of clothing, you will need a few pieces of equipment to kayak in the summer. You will require the following: 

  • A towel
  • A bottle of water
  • Food
  • A kayak 
  • Paddles

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Wear Jeans For Kayaking?

No, we urge you not to wear jeans for this sport. They will get extremely wet. 

They will also fail to keep you warm, resulting in you becoming extremely cold as you are kayaking. This is especially true if you are kayaking in the cold. 

Is Kayaking A Beneficial Exercise?

Yes, if you are looking to enhance your strength, kayaking will be a good option. Your muscle strength will increase, particularly in your arms, back, and chest. Meanwhile, you may also notice an improvement in your flexibility.  Consequently, it can be very beneficial. 

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, the types of clothes that you wear when kayaking will mostly stay the same throughout the seasons. For example, it is suggested that you wear a wetsuit and a lifejacket regardless of whether it is spring, summer, autumn, or winter. 

However, there are a few extra items that are especially important when the weather is hot, such as sunscreen. To keep yourself safe in these times, please wear these items. 

Hi! My name is Adele Stevens, and I have a big passion for water sports. I love nothing more than traveling to my favorite kayaking spots on my days off and spending hours out on the water.

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