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Best Kayak For Tall Person

If you want to get into kayaking as a hobby or sport, then obviously the first thing you will need to purchase is the kayak itself. For people who have never done this before though, you may be surprised to know that not all kayaks are suitable for taller people. 

For people 6 feet and above, buying a kayak that you can fit in becomes much more difficult. This is due to several factors. For a start, many companies don’t bother to make kayaks for people who are above average height as they do not sell as well as other products. 

Secondly, kayaks that are longer are often harder to balance on the water, which makes them an unpopular choice for kayakers. 

But just because you are tall doesn’t mean that you can’t try out this hobby. In this list, you will find the best kayaks for taller people, with them being especially suited to those who are six feet and over in height.

At the end of the article, we have added a buyer's guide that is specifically tailored to show what taller people should look out for when buying a kayak. 


Sun Dolphin 51825 Aruba SS Sit-in Kayak (Blue, 12-Feet)

The Aruba 12ft kayak is at the very top of this list because it is large enough that 6”8 people can comfortably sit inside while still having enough room to bend their legs. This amount of room in a kayak is very rare and is something that tall people will appreciate.

The large and open cockpit, which is ideal for a sit-in kayak, is a strong selling factor for taller people as well. This feature makes it super easy for people to get in and out of the kayak. 

If you're searching for an easy-to-maneuver kayak that is maneuverable and is light enough to paddle up slow-moving rivers or across broad lakes, the Aruba is an excellent choice. The only downside is that it is not suitable for use in rough white water. 

When sitting in the Aruba, two foam cushions on the side of your thighs will be visible. This is to stop your legs from grazing against the interior of the kayak. 

When your legs are inserted, you will see a bulkhead between the nose and the footpads. However, the cockpit's bottom lip is too low down for some people. As a result, if you have larger legs, entering may cause you to scrape the tops of your shins if you are not careful. 

There is a way around this though. It's as simple as removing the lower blue plastic lip and smoothing the edge. Now you have a cockpit that is much larger to accommodate those long legs.

In front of the cockpit, you will notice a covered console. Although this is a small area, it is great for keeping vehicle keys and other small items. This console has a six-inch opening but plenty of storage underneath.

There is a larger storage compartment behind the seat for extra room. Due to the fishing rod connection holes, this compartment may be used as a waterproof storage compartment or removed to fit your fishing gear or backpack. 

Overall, this is a good and cost-effective kayak choice for tall and bigger people. It maintains a straight trajectory, is fairly stable, and may even be arranged as a fishing kayak.


  • Can fit people of any height - No matter how tall you are, this kayak will always feel roomy and comfortable 
  • Plenty of storage options - essential if you want to take a lot out on the water with you 
  • Can be used on rivers and lakes - gives you more choice in where you can paddle 
  • Maneuverable despite being long - it will allow you to make suns quickly and easily with little effort


  • You may scrape your knees when getting in - due to the low level of the cockpit
  • Not suitable for white water - limits where you can go 


Perception Kayaks Expression 11.5 | Sit Inside Kayak | Light Touring Kayak with Adjustable Zone Seating | 11' 6' | Sunset

The Expression 11.5 Kayak by Perception is an award-winning product. It is great for fun on the lake and long day travel on rivers due to its strong but agile design.

Its speed is comparable to that of an expedition kayak, which means that it is very fast, and the amount of storage space makes it a great choice for day excursions or multi-day trips.

While the handling and acceleration are sufficient for experienced drivers, the larger cockpit is perfect for novices, and especially for taller paddlers.

Although the cockpit area is just 36 inches long, meaning it may be too tiny for anyone above 6'5′′, the cockpit's 20.25-inch width makes slipping in considerably easier for the first-timer.

The 11.5 Expression is an 11.5-foot-long single-person kayak. It weighs 44 pounds, Meaning that you should be able to transport it on the roof of your car with no issue. 

Due to the Expression’s 250-pound weight capacity, larger tall people will have to forego this option. It is, nonetheless, a wonderful choice for tall slimmer individuals around the 6-foot mark.

Mobility is one of the Expression 11.5's best characteristics. The hull features enough rocker to maneuver into tiny coves and difficult terrain that other kayaks may struggle with.

The Expression is equipped with a drop-down skeg, which many new owners are unaware of. Due to the drop-down skeg, the kayak tracks straight with ease. The retractable skeg helps the boat to retain a sleek profile and a straight course in headwinds. 

It is very important to keep the backside of the kayak clean though, otherwise, sand and dirt may become trapped in the recess. This is a common occurrence with retractable skegs. 

The Expression is paused due to its flexibility, versatility, and its lightweight design. It is suitable for nearly all types of waters, ranging from tough class II rapids and whitewater to calmer coastal waters, slow-moving rivers, and lakes. 

This kayak is well-suited to a range of situations. As a result, it makes an ideal first kayak buy. This way, your paddling possibilities are not significantly limited and you are free to try out a high range of experiences.


  • Can fit people up to 6 feet tall - though not suitable for everyone, this should still be enough room for most people 
  • Is suitable for almost all types of water - you can go almost anywhere in this kayak
  • Drop-down skeg makes maneuverability easier - make turns and build up speed easily thanks to this feature


  • Not suitable for heavier people - limits who can use this kayak

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Ocean Kayak Scrambler 11 One-Person Sit-On-Top Recreational Kayak, Envy, 11 Feet 6 Inches

A lot of people are not fans of sit-on-top kayaks. This is because they have a reputation of being harder to control, and for tall people, it is rare to find one that they can sit comfortably in. But with the Ocean Scrambler 11, tall people will see that sit-on-top kayaks are not that bad after all. This is one of the best large and tall person kayaks available.

The Ocean Scrambler kayak is ideal for all-day paddling. It has a plush cushioned seat and backrest. If you are between 6 feet and 6”5 tall, the Ocean Scrambler is ideal for you. With additional maneuverability, even taller paddlers may jump aboard without feeling cramped.

The Ocean Scrambler is an ideal entry-level kayak for handling the ocean and waves. If you are nervous about not being able to get back onto the kayak after slipping out, then you will be grateful to know that the kayak was designed to make it super easy to get back onto it from the water. 

Still, there is a high chance that you won’t fall out at all, as the Ocean Scrambler is a very stable kayak. It has the best hull shape for cutting through waves and bay swells while tracking incredibly well. However, this increased design stability comes at the cost of a minor loss of speed. Still, this is the perfect kayak for taller people who want to experience ocean kayaking with comfort and ease.


  • Can easily fit people up to 6”5 - even the tallest people can use this kayak
  • Very comfy for all-day paddling - due to cushioned seat and backrest 
  • Is very maneuverable and stable- you won’t have to worry about tipping over in this kayak.
  • Perfect for people who want to try out ocean paddling - the added stability will give you peace of mind when out on the ocean water .


  • Slower compared to other kayaks - speed had to be sacrificed to improve stability.

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Perception Kayak Tribe Sit On Top for Recreation

Another fantastic choice for taller people is Perception's Tribe 11.5 sit-on-top kayak. The larger design retains the agility of a smaller kayak while increasing the speed and stability of the kayak in general. 

The Tribe is an all-around kayak that works well in tiny coastal waves, lakes, and flat water. This is an excellent choice for both beginners and experienced paddlers.

Taller paddlers can customize their fit with adjustable footpegs. Very tall people will find that it will be most comfortable at the 6'6" mark. After that, slightly bent knees are necessary, however, this is not an issue due to the absence of a surrounding cockpit, so you won’t be hitting your knees on anything. 

The comfort of the cushioned seat and backrest is one of the highlights. They will considerably increase the enjoyment of a lengthy day's adventure, as the last thing you want is to be sore after a long day paddling. 

This is an affordable kayak considering everything that it gives you. It boasts several good features, but most significantly, it tracks straight and handles water very well. Even in rough waves, you will feel stable and comfortable. 

The Tribe kayak comes with Harmony Scupper Stoppers. We strongly advise you to plug them in if you don't want to spend the entire time sitting in water.

Eight plug holes are located beneath or around the seat, two of which are located beneath the seat itself. If you do not want a wet seat, ensure that they are entirely plugged up.

While the Tribe is an extremely durable kayak, it also features a removable skid plate. As this is not a permanent connection, you will not need to pull the kayak as much as you would normally.

Avoid dragging the kayak, though, if you do not want to replace the skit plate.

While putting the kayak onto the roof of a car is not a problem, transporting the kayak for lengthy periods may be due to the weight. In general, though, this is a solid and stable kayak that's an excellent deal for tall people.


  • Suitable for people 6”6 and over - anyone of any height can use this kayak
  • Comfortable to ride in all-day - the last thing you want is to be sore after a long day, so this is a must
  • Good for pros and beginners - this kayak should last a long time as you do not need to buy a new pro one once you improve your skills
  • Suitable for many water types - you can go anywhere in this 


  • Very heavy - you may need 2 people to get it in the water
  • You may get a wet seat - if you forget to plug holes

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Perception Kayaks


Ocean Kayak Prowler 13 Angler One-Person Sit-On-Top Fishing Kayak, Brown Camo, 13 Feet 4 Inches

Tall people who love fishing will also love this kayak. The Ocean Prowler Kayak is a fishing kayak industry pioneer. At 13 feet, this beast is a fisherman's dream.

When it comes to fishing kayaks, standing and storage capabilities are necessary. As a tall person, you'll also want legroom to effectively control the kayak. This and much more are available with the Prowler 13.

The Prowler is capable of remaining stable and following a straight path. Even in the face of strong gusts and rough water, the kayak can maintain a relatively stable position while soaking a line or accelerating as needed. 

This kayak is very easy to fish from. It incorporates the industry-standard rod holder moldings. However, you may find that they are in a slightly awkward place as they are located behind the seat, and leaning back to get them is a bit uncomfortable. 

The Prowler is capable of hauling up to 450 pounds of cargo. As a result, adding 30 pounds of fishing gear will pose no problem.

However, you should seal some of the holes, notably those behind the seat, otherwise, you will get very wet. Also, allowing excessive water into the kayak, despite its enormous weight capacity, is not recommended.

Massive bungee cords secure the boat, allowing for the secure storage of bigger tackle boxes, bait, or whatever else you carry when fishing. Additionally, two extra dry storage compartments are included. There is one enormous one at the front and one medium-sized one in the center.

Depending on your fishing style, the Prowler's standard seat may not be optimal. It's passable at best but may get uncomfortable after sitting in it for a long time. You may upgrade the seat for more comfort or bring your cushion.

Apart from that, it's a rather decent fishing kayak that's well-suited to huge and tall individuals.


  • A perfect fishing kayak for tall people - taller fishermen finally have a product for them
  • Have loads of storage - essential for fishermen who take lots out with them 
  • A large weight capacity of 450 pounds - lets you take lots with you while having weight to spare to bring in your catch
  • Has fishing rod holders built-in - gives you easy access to your rods


  • The seat is uncomfortable after a while- can be annoying if you want to spend all day on the water
  • The rod holders are located behind the seat - which makes getting them a bit difficult to reach

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Buyers Guide

Are you unsure what you need from your kayak? Let our buyer’s guide help you there! Keep reading to find out what features you should keep an eye out for!

Best Kayak For Tall Person

Inseam Measurements 

The inseam measurement will give you a good indication of the kayak's fit for your height. The inseam is the distance between the groin and the top of the foot. The majority of tall individuals will have an inseam measurement between 32′′ and 38′′.

If the data being compared is from a comparable size body form, the inseam measurement is a valuable indication. For instance, a 200-pound individual with a 32-inch inseam will require a kayak that is somewhat shorter than a 400-pound person with the same inseam measurement. 

Sit-On-Top Vs Sit-Inside

Different kayaks are designed for certain environments such as calm water, white water, or rivers. For a tall individual, a sit-on-top kayak may be better. This is because normal sit-inside kayaks may be more difficult and awkward for longer legs to fit into.

This is especially true if you have huge feet to match your long legs. While the majority of kayaks allow for around 14′′ adjustment of the foot pedals, this still leaves limited room for tall individuals with feet measuring 14+.

Regardless of how the pedals are adjusted, the feet are unable to sit straight and are consequently forced into an inclined position where they clash.

Cockpit Size

The short foot room and cramped cockpit make life difficult for tall individuals. Kayaks feature tiny, slim cockpits because you control the kayak with your legs.

Inability to freely move your legs and a tight foot region might result in leg pain. It also makes exiting the boat incredibly difficult.

Both sit-ins and sit-on-tops are equally safe and stable to operate but sit-on-tops offer the extra convenience of entering and exiting the boat while in the water. However, because the boat's hull does not cover your torso, you will get wet from splashes and waves.

Type Of Kayak

When it comes to kayaks, there is not one that is suitable for every type of water or recreational activity. Instead, there are several subcategories of kayaks, all of which are suitable for different activities and water types.

Here are some of the many versions of kayaks that you can find and what they are good for.


Paddlers who spend most of their time on lakes and slow-moving rivers will find recreational kayaks an ideal choice. They frequently feature a flatter hull and are wider than the majority of touring kayaks, which adds stability.

However, because of the increased width, they will drag more in the water and wind, making them slightly slower than certain other kayak designs. 


Generally, fishing kayaks are built for stability and lifespan, not for speed. They frequently have sufficient storage for fishing outfits and equipment, as well as unique features like rod holders, mounting brackets, bottle holders, and anchor lines. 


Whitewater kayaks are designed for one specific purpose: paddling in whitewater Whitewater kayaks typically measure between four and 10 feet in length.

They have a high degree of rocker (which is how much the hull bends from bow to stern), which improves maneuverability. The majority of whitewater kayaks offer a little amount of storage. 

Sit Inside 

A classic sit-inside kayak offers the most protection against the weather, which is crucial in colder climates and along exposed beaches. Additionally, they are frequently lighter and have a more dry storage room inside than other kayak types.

The cockpits come in a range of shapes and sizes—smaller cockpits are more breathable, while bigger cockpits allow for easier entrance and exit.


After a capsize or upset, self-draining sit-on-top kayaks are easy to scramble back on board. Due to the open deck, it's easier to hop on and off, and these designs are frequently more sturdy than their sit-inside counterparts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get your last-minute questions answered here!

Is A 12-foot Kayak Too Big?

A 12-foot kayak is a good option for intermediate paddlers looking to extend their day kayaking outings. This kayak size is the ideal compromise between speed and maneuverability. Numerous 12-foot kayaks are faster than their 10-foot counterparts.

What's Better, A Long Or Short Kayak?

A longer kayak (12′–24′) is more stable and less tippy in choppy water, as well as having a larger weight capacity for riders who are heavier. Shorter kayaks (6′–12′) are ideal for beginners looking for an easier time steering, a more cheap kayak, and one that is lightweight and easy to transport.

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