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How To Carry Kayaks With A Travel Trailer

Travel trailers are one of the most budget-friendly ways to travel around the country. They are a home away from home for many families, and they feature everything you could possibly need in order to have an excellent vacation. 

However, one of the biggest limitations of using a travel trailer is the distinct lack of organization, which can leave you feeling a little frustrated if you’re trying to fit in activity equipment such as kayaks and surfboards, clothing, food, and several people all at the same time. 

While kayaks are a fun water-based activity that the whole family can enjoy, they are very large and aren’t really all that space friendly – especially in terms of vehicle size. In this case, you might need to get creative if you’re planning to take a kayak (or kayaks) on vacation with you and your travel trailer.

That being said, here are some of the top ways to carry kayaks with a travel trailer.

How To Carry Kayaks With A Travel Trailer

What Is A Travel Trailer? 

A travel trailer is essentially a compact home. It is one of the most common types of RV and comes in a wide array of different types, styles, and sizes. The wide variety of travel trailers allows for people of different lifestyles to find the right type of travel trailers to suit their needs.

Carrying A Kayak With A Travel Trailer

Space is essential when using a travel trailer. Although you might want to bring along all the comforts of home, they simply won’t fit! Luckily, packing your favorite kayaks to visit a nearby body of water does not mean that you have to sacrifice everything that you want to bring. 

Below, we’ve outlined some of the most efficient ways to carry a kayak with a travel trailer so that you don’t have to worry.

On The Roof Of Your Vehicle

You can carry a kayak with or without a roof rack. Though investing or renting a roof rack for your kayak might be your best option, this does depend on the type of vehicle you are using to tow your trailer vehicle.

This is an efficient way of maximizing storage in your truck or SUV bed and maybe a more comfortable experience for those who wish to keep an eye on their kayaks whilst travelling between destinations.

But if you aren’t willing to purchase a roof rack, you can still carry your kayak on the roof of your vehicle! All you’ll need are a couple of pool noodles which will be used to secure the kayak while also preventing excess damage from occurring to the surface of your travel trailer.

If you do decide to transport your kayak while it is attached to the roof of your vehicle, you must make sure that the rack you choose to use, and your kayak are secure. It might also be a good idea to secure the back and front of your kayaks to the respective ends of your car so that you can prevent wind from lifting one end up while driving.

Strap The Kayak To The Rear

Strap The Kayak To The Rear

If your travel trailer has a ladder at the rear, you could strap your kayak to it. This can be secured by using bungee cords, mainly because they can easily hook around the ladder. Not only does this method prevent you from having to tie complex knots in a rope, but it also means that you can access your kayak that much quicker! 

To secure your kayak in this way, you could also use drawstring straps that are easy to tighten or straps with loops. Whatever you do, the straps should keep the kayak snugly in place. We’d recommend using foam pipe insulation around the rungs and the sides of the ladder for added protection.

However, the downside of using this method of transporting kayaks is that you can only carry one at a time. And if your travel trailer doesn’t have a ladder attached then this method won’t work.

Store Your Kayaks Inside Your Travel Trailer

If you’re looking for a simple solution, we’ve got you covered. Depending on the type of kayak that you choose to use, it might be easier for you to carry your kayak inside a travel trailer.

Many river-based kayaks are quite short, to the point where they can comfortably be placed inside your trailer with a bit of help. This ensures that they will be safe, secure, and free from road hazards throughout the duration of your journey. 

Within your travel trailer, you can store your kayaks on the floor of the trailer, or they can also be secured to a larger piece of furniture such as a couch or a bed.

Additionally, you could purchase a ceiling hoist to mount a kayak. However, we’d consider this method as a last resort – especially if you have more than one kayak, or you’re simply looking to save space within the travel trailer for other items.

Use The Bed Or Trunk Of Your Travel Trailer

But if stacking your kayaks on the roof of a travel trailer is not really your style, you can also use the bed or trunk of your vehicle as an extra storage vessel. For those of you who are choosing to use a truck, many companies create ladder racks that you can use to securely hold your kayaks without having to lose any storage space in the process.

These ladder racks are affordable, easy to mount, and can easily haul one kayak at a time. This might be a limitation to some people but may also come in handy for others. 

If you don’t have any worries about storing items in the bed of your truck, then you could simply make sure they are securely tied down using bicycle locks or straps. And remember: the higher you can mount the kayak, the better! Putting it in such a high place makes it far more difficult for thieves to reach it.

Choose A Travel Trailer With An Opening Rear Wall

If you’re really into going on outdoor adventures, then we’d recommend looking into investing in or renting a travel trailer that features a rear opening door. Not only does this mean you can quickly open the door and place your kayaks inside, but it also means you can utilize the extra space to store any additional items that you want to take with you on your journey.

Having a rear opening door on your trailer also allows you to attach tents to the outside so that you can increase the amount of living space that you have. 


These are some of the best ways to carry a kayak with a travel trailer. We hope that it has been helpful and that you’ve discovered a safe, secure, and easy-to-access method of carrying your kayak around with you. 

Hi! My name is Adele Stevens, and I have a big passion for water sports. I love nothing more than traveling to my favorite kayaking spots on my days off and spending hours out on the water.

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